The Growing Third Party

Not surprisingly the “Trends in American Values: 1987-2012 (Pew Research)” describes the main two political parties, Republicans and Democrats, becoming more polarized in their political opinions. The research demonstrates the current political divide between Democrats and Republicans, and explains that the divergence between political opinions is higher than any point in America’s recorded history. This […]

Has it Always Been North Versus South?

In Woodward’s American Nations, he establishes eleven different nations that compose the United States, each with unique culture and customs. As the book develops, Woodward establishes another division: the division between the Dixie bloc (composed of the Deep South, Tidewater, and Appalachia) and the Northern alliance (lead by Yankeedom). These two factions represent their own nation’s identity, […]

Myth of Alliance

Though it is said that the United States is  “divided,” situations of urgency and crisis can bring unity to separate factions in our country.  Woodard describes this in American Nations. An example of this unity was when John F. Kennedy was assassinated; Americans banded together to mourn the death of their fallen leader. American unity was […]

Divided From the Beginning

A common image of the settlement of America among its’ people is that America was established based on principles that were consistent throughout the country. This belief was established when the colonist severed their affiliation with the tyrannical British Monarchy and established America. However, Americans today feel that this unity no longer exists and believe […]

An Examination of the American Frontier

In Dorsey’s excerpt, “Roosevelt’s Americanism and the Myth of Origin,” he examines the “rhetorical” modes of speech that previous and influential leaders of America have used to promote the concept and ideals of “Americanism.” Dorsey specifically reflects on Roosevelt’s belief of what it means to be American.  He explains Roosevelt’s interpretation of “Americanism” by stating that […]