America: Land of Books and Guns

Stereotypes were very prevalent in the first half of the culture section of Patchwork Nation. The stereotypes that most people have tend to be based off of preconceived notions. One stereotype that was proven to be inaccurate by Chinni and Gimpel was h…

America-The Patchwork Nation

“Our Patchwork Nation” seems to be a promising book that dives into the meaning of Americans to a greater extent. According to Dante Chinni, Americans can not be classified under a single term or definition. The fact that there is no single meaning to What is an American, is something that seems to be repeated […]

Losing my religion

Religion in our society is less prevalent than it was twenty years ago. The reason behind this is the fact that many people are actually more “independent.” These “independent” people don’t fall into party when voting as they question both sides beliefs. When someone who thinks so “independent” they question most vague theories that exist […]

Keep Dreamin’ America

As Woodard would say our United States is composed of eleven different nations composed within one state. Whenever the question of What is an American pops into thought, it’s really hard to define or to formulate a particular answer. Woodard emphasis’ that Americans don’t truly have a definition, except that we hold freedom, liberties and […]

nieuw Amsterdam

“American Nations,” so far clarifies a ton of history that was very distorted when I was taught history back in the day. The most shocking thing to discover was to find out that New Amsterdam was the center of the slave trade for the whole continent of North America, besides the West Indies and the […]