Roosevelt’s Ideology and the impact on Immigrants

Roosevelt always believed that anyone has a chance to be American if they adopted the principles of Americanism into their daily life. It’s unfortunate to think that immigrants were basically stripped off their past cultures and nationality as they were considered Americans once they stepped foot onto the crisp, green grass of America. Although Roosevelt […]

In response to ‘What about Reality?’

I agree that you’re arguments are very strong. Crevecouer probably was misinformed to a great extent on the other’s lives and hardships in America. His views on Europeans are very biased. I would just say that I think that there was a time though that they gave out forty acres and a mule refuting to […]

In response to America Romanticized

You’re right about Crevecoeur having a romanticized view of America. It’s because he didn’t experience those hardships that you mentioned. If you recall, he did come from a bourgeoisie family so that may have an impact on his socioeconomic status during the time he was writing his letters. Crevecouer probably didn’t experience the hardtimes as […]

In response to American Social Class Divide

Sorry I’m posting a comment here, but the internet machine doesn’t like to work for me. Your statements about the socioeconomic gap is very valid. It shows that the America Crevecouer lived in lacked the gap that may have existed in 18th century France or England. I have to say though that Crevecouer was probably […]


America has always been a country that runs on the people. This interpretation of a simplistic cliche about America is something that Americans have been telling each other for decades upon decades of years. In the manner of Crevecoeur, America gave pe…