Letters of Recommendation

I have a few thoughts on letters of recommendation that I want to share.  Most schools ask for two or more letters and you will want to send a minimum of three letters (and likely a maximum of four).  Given that this is a relatively small number of letters, you will want to carefully consider […]

The Personal Statement

When I’ve asked members of law school admissions committees to rank the impact of the materials submitted by applicants, the LSAT and GPA are one and two respectively and then they stressing the importance of letters of recommendation and the personal statement (hereafter PS).  Obviously, an applicant does not totally control the content of their […]

The LSAT–Some Questions and Answers

Here we are in September.  The air is starting to turn crisp, leaves are getting a hint of color, football is being played (my fantasy football team is undefeated at 1-0), and the LSAT is just a month away.  Given that this is the season of the LSAT, I thought I’d answer some frequently asked […]

First and Second Year Students: Some Thoughts to Consider

Students in their first two years at Union regularly come to see me in the fall term inquiring what they need to do to be viable for law school admissions.  This post will break down a few things underclass students should consider when contemplating law school. Scholastic Success There are two things every student should […]