Practicum II: Clinical Internship (PSY451)

PSY451 Practicum II: Clinical Internship Course Description: Intensive practicum course designed to provide direct exposure to clinical populations, along with structured individual and group clinical supervision. Activities include placement at a psyc…

Seminar: Clinical Neuropsychology (PSY411)

PSY411 Seminar: Clinical Neuropsychology Course Description: This is an advanced seminar regarding a specific subdiscipline of the field of psychology. Through this course you should gain a close-up view into the field of Clinical Neuropsychology, whic…

Psychological Assessment and Testing (PSY352)

PSY352 Psychological Assessment & Testing Course Description: Learn about one of psychology’s most important and unique practical contributions. Examine assessment tools that are key to the practice of clinical and counseling psychology (e.g., diagnostic and personality tests). Review issues related to test construction (e.g., reliability and validity). Practice construction and validation of a new test. […]

Practicum I: Human Relations Communications (PSY351)

PSY351 Practicum I: Human Relations Communication Course Description: Explores interpersonal communication as it shapes and is shaped by human relationships. Psychological theories of interpersonal communication presented with a view to explicating the processes by which people come to describe, explain, or otherwise account for the world (including themselves) in which they live. Categories of “abnormal” […]

Psychotherapy (PSY350)

Psychotherapy (PSY350) Catalog Description: Survey of the major contemporary systems of psychotherapy. Includes analytic, family systems, cognitive and behavioral approaches. Students will learn theories, techniques, and processes involved in the pract…