Is America an Empire in the Middle East?

Is America an Empire in the Middle East?


By Zach Jonas The past two decades have seen an ongoing […]

Al-Jazeera’s Coming to America

By Peter Li A new news organization is coming to the states: Al Jazeera. They recently acquired CurrentTV from Al Gore, former owner and former Vice President of the United States. What is Al Jazeera? A television station that broadcasts global news 24…

Ideology v. Reality in the U.S. Drone Program Debate

By Michael Ingoldsby The dangers of a purely ideological approach to policy are illustrated by Bill Clinton’s speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in which he stated, “No one is right all the time, and even a broken clock is right twi…

Brazilians Look to State Following Deadly Club Fire

By Lucas Hall The still growing death toll of the unexpected nightclub fire in Santa Maria, Brazil in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul has now reached as many as 237, with at least 100 injured. The fire, which occurred on January 28 at nightclub…