Trends Reflect Little Hope For Compromise

The Pew Research survey analyses the trends in American values ranging form the time period 1987-2012. The results reveal that “values and basic beliefs are more polarized along partisan lines than at any point in the past 25 years” (5). However, the survey’s results also reveal an interesting distinction made about this partisan gap. Responsibility […]

American Nations Blog Post Part III

One of the most interesting topics that Woodard focuses on in American Nations is the Reconstruction Era and the formation of two hostile blocs, which are polarized by differences in fundamental values. After the Civil War, the Northern alliance— Midlanders, New Netherlanders, and Yankees, and Left Coasters—gained control of much of the Confederate land and […]

A Demoralizing Understanding of the Revolutionary War

In part II of American Nations, Woodard explains the real nature of the Revolutionary War. Contrary to popular belief, Woodard claims that the six nations (excluding El Norte and New France) did not actually create a unified front to defeat the British. In Woodard’s interpretation, the Revolutionary War was actually a collection of six individual […]

Is There Still Hope for Compromise?

In America Nations, Collin Woodard analyses America’s current divided status and explains that the reasoning behind this divide is rooted all the way back to the colonial period. This view isn’t anything particularly unique or unheard of, especially considering the reading from Crèvecoeur, in which he claims “each province has its own [characteristics],” and therefore […]

Roosevelt’s Americanism: Moderate for the Time, Not so much Now

According to Dorsey, Roosevelt’s Americanism was dependent on three main components: “strength, integrity, and earned equality” (18). He also places huge significance on Western Expansion. In a time when Roosevelt believed that the American culture was “disintegrating,” the American Frontier served as a perfect platform for Roosevelt to explain his concept of Americanism and redefine […]