NZ signs

Click here for my collection of NZ signs.

Selected NZ Signs

Can’t resist posting some of my collection of New Zealand signs.  Thanks to Ana Pease for making me observe them.  Many were captured from a moving bus, so sorry for the blurs.

Dec. 15

December 15 – Day 21 – Saturday – Last day of Miniterm Travel day to Christchurch for departure.  Lots of thanks all around on the bus.  Tom thanked everyone, Don thanked everyone, and I thanked Don, and gave him an “Union College – Enginee…

Dec. 14

December 14 – Day 20 – Friday Awoke to howling winds as we headed out for our hike of the Hooker Valley Track, which leads to Hooker Lake, and views of Hooker Glacier, at the foot of Mt. Cook.  The track was fairly level, but the winds were gustin…

Dec. 13

December 13 – Day 19 – Thursday Another travel day today.  Off at 8am headed for Glentanner Park, near the foot of Mt. Cook, NZ’s tallest peak.  We made many stops along the way, including a fruit stand, an information center (in Cromwell) a gr…