Racial Problems in America

While reading, “Trends in American Values: 1987-2012,” the Pew Research Center describes the country’s different views on immigration. I was surprised when I read the fact that the majorities tend to disagree the idea that racial discrimination is no longer prevalent in the United States. Even though our country is extraordinarily diverse, I still believe […]

Republica del Norte?

I found Woodard’s discussion on immigration very interesting. The three large waves of immigration that America has seen are quite similar. All three waves of immigrants have dealt with fear by natives and prejudices. Many instances immigrants were seen as inferior. Especially in Yankeedom, the natives attempted to assimilate and conform these immigrants to the […]

Confusing Canada

In Woodard’s, American Nations, a topic that sparked an interest while reading was the discussion on Canada’s position during the Revolutionary War. I have never thought about why Canada did not play an important role during the war on either side. Canada’s stance during the war is one not thoroughly pronounced in present day textbooks. […]

The Different Nations

It was interesting reading Woodard’s, Roosevelt’s, and Crevecoeur’s different opinions on America. Woodard discards Roosevelt and Crevecoeur’s belief that America is one whole nation. They explain how Americans must abide by the same values and ideals. Woodard thought process on America is totally different. He describes the wide array of differences throughout the different regions […]

Loss of Identity

In Dorsey’s text on Roosevelt’s perspective on Americanism he states Roosevelt’s three themes of Americanism. These themes are bodily strength, integrity and earned equality. Equality is a controversial theme of Roosevelt’s that was hard for all Americans to accept. Roosevelt was concerned about the treatment of immigrants and those of a different race. He advocated […]