Socially Liberal?

In this summary of political views put together by the Pew Research Center, the views of political parties, different races, religions, genders, and age groups are profiled. Outlooks on things such as social values, the economy, foreign policy, and rel…

Separation of Church and State

In the final section of his book, American Nations, Colin Woodard spends some time discussing the different religions in America and how it affected the divisions between the nations. According to Woodward in the chapter “Gods and Missions,” religion and the church is what drove the Deep South off the deep end, spurring the Civil […]

Agree to Disagree

In Part Two, “Unlikely Allies”, of his book American Nations, Colin Woodard describes a Revolutionary War that does not exactly line up with the high school history book.  Woodard illustrates the different nations, their views on the Revolutionary War, and their take on the Constitution and new country.  Instead of Americans being divided into Loyalists […]

What Makes the Midlands So “American”?

In his book, American Nations, Colin Woodard states that the Midlands were “The most prototypically American of the nations…” (92). He discusses the formation of the Midlands, beginning with William Penn and the Quakers forming Pennsylvania. The Quakers were a very accepting people, which spurred the diverse population of the Midlands. There, no one was […]

Earn What?

In this reading “Roosevelt’s Americanism and the Myth of Origin,” Americanism is again laid out in front of us. Similarly to Crevecoeur, Roosevelt emphasizes the need to “earn your equality”.  He preached the need for physical and moral strength, as well as the shedding of the old European image and ideals.  If an immigrant, Native […]