The Sliding Box Car

Act 1: Act 1 The Sliding Box Car 1.  What makes the box fall off the car? 2.  What do we need to know? Act 2:   Act 3: Act 3 The Sliding Box Car

Rolling Ball

Act 1: Act 1 Rolling Ball 1.  At what point does the ball cause the meter stick to tip over? 2.  What do we need to know? Act 2: 3.  How far along the meter stick is the ball before it starts to tip it off the table? Act 3: Act 3 Rolling Ball

What is Three Act Physics?

What is the Three Act Method? The Three Act Method is a format for asking questions. Act 1: Here we introduce a conflict to spark curiosity.  This should be simple and concise while still clearly outlining the problem.  This act should lead to natural questions. Act 2: Now that we know what the problem is — and […]

Welcome to Three Act Physics!

The purpose of this site is to use the Three Act Method as a teaching tool for physics. This site encompasses introductory level physics that explores topics within Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism.