Non-3 Act Problems

This section provides a place for physics problems that don’t follow the Three Act format! Rubber Band

Sailboat with a Fan

Sailboat with a Fan

Pirate Ship

Act 1: Act 1 Sailboat with a Fan 1.  What is going to happen when the fan is blowing air into the fan? 2.  What forces will be acting on the sail and the fan? Act 3: Act 3 Sailboat with a Fan

Barbie Bungee Jump

Act 1: Act 1 Barbie Bungee Jump 1.  Will Barbie crack her head? Act 2: 2.  What do we need to know?   Act 3: Act 3 Barbie Bungee Jump

Mario Kart

Act 1: Act 1 Mario Kart 1.  Which kart will make it to the end of the straightaway first? Test: Act1_Mario_Kart_1 Act 3: Act 3 Mario Kart Sequel: 2.  What would happen if there was a longer straightaway? 3.  What if we introduce a new kart, now which will win? Sequel Mario Kart