Religious and Social Change

The section I found most interesting in the essay published by the Pew Research Center was the one about changes in religious and social trends over the years. I was very surprised by the notion that the United States was a very religious country. Obviously religion plays a factor in many people’s lives, but I […]

Yankeedom vs. The Deep South

Woodard spends the majority of the final section of the book talking about the major divide between Yankeedom and the Deep South. He talks about how these two nations seem to have the greatest influence over the other nine nations that make up the Unit…

Was it really an American Revolution?

When I was in middle school and high school and I learned about the American Revolution, it was always portrayed as the colonists banding together to fight of the oppressive British and form their own free nation. It was very cut and dry. In my mind, e…

British Colonies a Success in America

When America was first “discovered” by the Europeans, every country wanted to get a foothold on the new continent. It represented a whole new way to expand their country and make themselves stronger than their rivals, and at this time in European history, they were all vying to become the most powerful nation in Europe. […]

Women and Americanism

This article, written by Dr. Leroy Dorsey and published in 2007, analyzes Theodore Roosevelt’s beliefs on Americanisn. Roosevelt had very strong opinions on what it was to be an American and on Americanism in general. His first belief, and one that he put a lot of emphasis on, was that you had to be physically […]