Destined for Failure

The hardships faced by the American economy have existed for many decades and, therefore, have been present in many presidencies.  While recession and cries of unemployment are a recent addition to American economy and culture, it is evident that past Presidents ignored the county by community types divisions and offered temporary solutions that were inadequate […]

Major Cities, Major Disappointments

The chapter that I most closely identify with in Our Patchwork Nation is Industrial Metropolises.  This chapter discusses the stark differences in living conditions between the poor and the rich in Philadelphia County.  I could easily relate to Chinni and Gimpel’s description of the close proximities between the slums and upper class neighborhoods of Philadelphia.  […]

Similarities Strengthen the County Argument

Our Patchwork Nation, offers a unique and insightful approach to understanding the divides that have defined the collective culture of our nation.  While Woodward argued that America should be regarded as eleven individual cultural nations, Chinni and Gimpel suggest that a breakdown compromised of more specifics will be representative and indicative of the issues that […]

What Happened to Hard Work?

The Pew Research Center surveys offer compelling data in support of differing partisan values.  During the Reagan era, American citizens more closely associated themselves with a political party; however, today, the percentage of Independents is increasing as Americans more easily identify with Democratic trends or specific Republican ideals.  In addition to the startling amount of […]

Melting Pot Misrepresentation

After reading Woodward’s work, my initial beliefs about and knowledge of American history have been challenged.  As I’ve done my best to interpret Woodward’s proclamation of the eleven nations that founded America, I’ve been disappointed on countless occasions about the romanticizing of immigration.  The readings of Crevecoeur and Dorsey both support the notion that immigrants […]