Common Counties

While reading, “Our Patchwork Nation” by Dante Chinni and James Gimpel, I was pleased to discover that the authors defined their twelve “places” by economic, social, and political similarities rather than by generalizing regions. I believe that this is a more accurate representation of the division in America, since many counties have commonalities with those […]

The Young, the Old, and the Middle-Aged

The report, “Trends in American Values: 1987-2012” conducted by the Pew Research Center, repeatedly articulates that little has changed regarding how Americans view certain aspects of society, which is contrary to Woodward’s entire premise. The report then contradicts itself when it elaborates on the many social and political changes since 1987 to the present. Other […]

Religion as an Excuse or Motivation?

In American Nations, Woodward emphasizes that religion is an indisputable factor in the defining and settling of his eleven nations. In the chapter, “Gods and Missions,” he articulates this point through the post-Civil Wartime period up until today. Woodward’s description of religion in the Deep South and Yankeedom can be used as evidence that communities […]

I Guess We’ll Unite

  As discussed by Crevecoeur, it is difficult to pin down what defines Americans and what brings them together. In American Nations, Colin Woodward argues that the American Revolution temporarily united the nations against one enemy: England. An explanation for the lack of shared values between Americans can be traced back to the Revolution and […]

Clinging to the Past

In his book, American Nations, Colin Woodward identifies the Deep South as a region that was founded as a slave society focused on wealth and control. The rich enjoyed asserting their power over those they deemed inferior. Although slavery has been abolished, the nation Woodward described lives on in many ways as there is still much […]