Crevecoeur’s indifference

Writing about the new Americans in his famous essay, Crevecoeur made a prediction that “The American [would] become as to religion what they are as to country – allied to all.” (Crevecoeur, 7) He explained how the immigrants were not as religious as the fellows in Europe, claiming that their main concern was not to […]


In chapter about the economy of the Patchwork Nation, Chinni and Gimpel note the Tractor Country as a model for the rest eleven county types. By showing us the percent of credit card debtors and the percent of bank branches that are taking TARP money i…

Not quite

Reading about the first types of county – communities, I cannot help but to notice that campus and careers seem to be the only bright spots. They survive and have the potential to thrive after the economic crisis passes. After the construction bubble burst, the Boom Towns or the Evangelical Epicenters are now suffering from […]

Broad and small

Unlike Colin Woodard, whose book proposes a new way to look at America as a country consisting of eleven separated nations, Dante Chinni and James Gospel started their project keeping in mind that America is still a single nation, yet extremely multifa…

Unchanged divisions

According to the Pew Research Center’s data and analysis, the most significant value gap change during the past 25 years is between members and supporters of two major political parties, Republican and Democrat. There are a few reason for this. Firstly, the number of people who claim themselves independent has increased largely, making both two […]