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Why Union?

The major assets of the Chemistry Department at Union College are the following:

  • Our small class and laboratory sizes which allow for close interaction between students and faculty.
  • Our excellent collection of chemical instrumentation which can be used in laboratory teaching and for research.
  • Access to the IBM cluster for high performance computing.
  • Our strong tradition of student-faculty research leading to publications in well-recognized journals and presentations at national and regional conferences. This research occurs both during the academic year and during the summer.
  • Our location within a liberal arts college, allowing our chemistry and biochemistry majors to explore their interests in areas such as arts, classics, history, economics, and many others.
  • Union’s strong tradition of terms abroad experiences, of which the majority of our majors take advantage.
  • Our national award-winning Chemistry Club which sponsors plant tours, attendance at monthly professional society meetings, and social events.
  • The opportunity for students to do internships at local chemical and technical firms

A recent survey showed that 100% of the 70 students who graduated in the past 5 years with a Chemistry or Biochemistry major were either employed or enrolled in graduate or medical school. The following is a summary of their current status:

14% enrolled in MD or DO programs
10% enrolled in other health-related graduate programs
24% enrolled in graduate school in chemistry or biochemistry
16% enrolled in graduate school in other programs such as law, educational studies or MBA
36% went directly to employment, mainly in chemical or biotechnology corporations

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