Latin 101: Learning a Classical Language

Latin101Hans Friedrich Mueller

Latin 101: Learning a Classical Language. (Great Courses) (Teaching Company) 2013. Lectures

1. Pronouncing Classical Latin 2Introduction to Third-Conjugation Verbs   3. Introduction to the Subjunctive Mood  4. The Irregular Verbs Sum and Possum  5. Introduction to Third-Declension Nouns  6. Third-Declension Neuter Nouns  7. First- and Second-Declension Adjectives  8. First- and Second-Declension Nouns  9. Introduction to the Passive Voice  10. Third -io and Fourth-Conjugation Verbs  11. First- and Second-Conjugation Verbs  12. Reading a Famous Latin Love Poem  13. The Present Passive of All Conjugations  14. Third-Declension Adjectives  15. Third-Declension I-Stem Nouns  16. The Relative Pronoun  17. The Imperfect and Future Tenses  18. Building Translation Skills  19. Using the Subjunctive Mood  20. Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns  21. The Perfect Tense Active System  22. Forming and Using Participles  23. Using the Infinitive  24. Reading a Passage from Caesar  25. The Perfect Tense Passive System  26. Deponent Verbs  27. Conditional Sentences  28. Cum Clauses and Stipulations  29. Reading Excerpts from Roman Law  30. Interrogative Adjectives and Pronouns  31. Fourth- and Fifth-Declension Nouns  32. Gerunds and Gerundives  33. Counting in Latin  34. More on Irregular Verbs 35. Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs  36. Next Steps in Reading Latin

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