A rare species was discovered by a team of wildlife researchers Tuesday morning in Schenectady, New York USA. The team of researchers were tracking down reports of a strange primate in the North West quadrant of Union College. Upon entering the dangerous Davi Jungle, the researchers reported discovering an astonishing tribe of confused, shy primates. The species, which researchers believe to have been isolated since the fall of last year, are called Freshmen, or Frosh, in Latin, and from initial observation seem to lack social engagement and common sense. One wildlife researcher on the discovery, Brian Z. told The Dutchman’s Lampoon, “The Davi jungle is home to many unique species, like Sig Phi brothers, Kappa Alpha brethren, and the recently discovered Freshmen, but it’s odd, the new species we’ve encountered acts differently than its relatives in its genus”. The rare species is characterized by its wide eyes, verbalization of directional questions, and lack of socialization. Freshmen have been spotted hunting for food in Reamer and Skeller since the discovery, but have yet to be seen elsewhere on campus outside their natural habitat.