When COVID-19 began to rage across the United States, our daily lives changed for the unforeseeable future. Our new normal of stay-at-home orders, mask wearing and social distancing has been in full swing for almost a year now. While the medical focus has been on treatments for the virus, the world has been ignoring perhaps a second strain of virus in the pandemic. Freshman playing guitar on the quad. 

“This is very common on college campuses the first week of school”, College Psychologist Anderson Macneil explained, “Since strict social distancing rules are in effect, no one on the quad is able to make fun of these boys trying way too hard to pick up girls during the first week of college.” 

This demographic of guitar players also includes freshman who walk around with hacky sacks, vapes that they don’t rip but share with others to look cool, and the freshman writing the sequel to The Wolf of Wall Street. While these strains are most certainly on the rise in colleges all over the country, there are thankfully precautions we can take to keep ourselves safe. 

“When you see one of these freshmen from afar, don’t be afraid to call them out.” asid Macneil, “Even sending a text message or slipping a note to them explaining how ridiculous and desperate they look could help get the message across and stop the spread.” 

It is all on us to take the right steps and stop the spread. We are all in this, together. 

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