FAQs about ECBE

Questions about the newly formed ECBE department? Hopefully you’ll find some helpful answers below:

  • When was the ECBE department created?

The merger of the ECE department and Bioengineering program became effective on July 1, 2017.

  • Who are the ECBE faculty?

We now have ten faculty: Tak Buma, Shane Cotter, Jennifer Currey, Luke Dosiek, Helen Hanson, James Hedrick, Sudhir Khetan, Chandra Pappu, John Spinelli, and Cherrice Traver.

  • Who is in charge of the ECBE department?

Our fearless leader (aka department chair) is currently Prof. Helen Hanson. Technically, the dept chair oversees the administration of all three majors (EE, CpE, BME). However, the BME major also has its own director (currently Prof. Jenn Currey).

  • Where is the ECBE department?

Steinmetz 211 is still the main department office, where Lisa Galeo is the administrative assistant. The ECBE faculty offices remain primarily in Steinmetz Hall.

  • How does the new ECBE department impact me?
    • This has fairly little impact on students. Your classmates, professors, and academic advisors remain the same. 
    • Students majoring in electrical engineering and computer engineering are not affected at all. ECE course names and requirements remain the same.
    • Students majoring in “Bioengineering” will now receive a degree in “Biomedical Engineering”. “BNG” courses are re-labeled as “BME”.
    • There will be some more cross-listed courses. In particular, ECE-225, ECE-240, and ECE-241 will now be cross-listed as ECE/BME-225, ECE/BME-240, and ECE/BME-241.
  • What is the purpose of forming the ECBE department?

The merger occurred primarily for administrative reasons. A combined ECBE department facilitates the many behind-the-scenes duties of the faculty.


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