Why study Electrical and Computer Engineering?

Future Leaders

We believe that the rigor and depth of an EE or CpE education combined with a broad study of the liberal arts provides an excellent background for students who wish to enter professions such as medicine, law, business administration as well as engineering itself.

Well-Rounded Education

Through our international component, emphasis on undergraduate research, flexible curriculum, and personal attention given to each student, we educate well-rounded members of society who are prepared to excel in an increasingly multicultural and technological world.

EE and CpE Degrees

The Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department offers programs in Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Engineering (CpE).  Within the framework of a liberal arts education, both programs provide students with a solid basis in engineering and its underlying mathematics and science.


EE and CpE alumni have been very successful in a wide range of areas and many have pursued advanced technical and professional degrees. Their broad education, problem solving ability, and technical skills make them attractive to a large variety of employers, fields, and career paths.

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