Q. I didn’t get information for Economics 241. Can I take Economics 242 or 243 instead?

A. Yes, you can. The sequence 241, 242, 243 is probably the most natural one to take the courses in, but you don’t have to if another sequence is more convenient for your schedule, or if you get information for a course other the next one in the sequence. The only thing we would suggest is that you take either Economics 241 or 242 before taking Economics 243. However, even that is not necessary, particularly if you’re a little late coming to the economics major. If you haven’t taken a core course yet, and Economics 243 is the only one of the core courses you can get into, or if you just really want to take it for some reason, go ahead and take Economics 243, and take 241 and 242 in the next couple of terms.

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