Q. I’m a fall-term first-year student, and I think I want to be an economics major. What should I be taking now?

A. For the economics major, there are two (or perhaps three) courses you should take this year. The first is Economics 101, Introduction to Economics. You can take this any time during your first year, although since Economics 101 is a prerequisite for every other economics course, you should probably take it as early as you can.
The second is your mathematics requirement. In order to proceed the core course Economics 241, 242, and 243, which are normally taken sophomore year, you must complete Math 110, 101, or 113. You can take Math 110, which covers differential calculus in one term; or you can take Math 100 and 101, which more or less covers the same in two terms; or you can take Math 113 which is intended for freshmen who have been introduced to the basics of calculus. You should follow the Mathematics Department’s recommendations about what math course is best for you.

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