Q. I’m a sophomore but I haven’t taken Economics 101 yet. Can I still major in economics?

A. Yes, you can, although you’ll have to double up on economics courses for a few terms to catch up. As soon as you think you might want to be an economics major, take Economics 101 and, if you haven’t taken it already, take the appropriate math course for you. Then do as much of the economics core (Economics 241, 242, and 243) as you can by the end of your sophomore year. If you need to take one of those courses in the fall term of your junior year, that’s not a problem. You can even take one of them winter term of your junior year if you have to, although that will make it hard to fit in enough upper division electives before you start writing your thesis as a senior. It is not hard to take Economics 101 as a fall-term or winter-term sophomore and still complete the major. It is a little difficult to take Economics 101 as a spring term sophomore and complete the major, but one or two people do it most years. It is even possible to take Economics 101 as a fall-term junior and finish the major, but we wouldn’t recommend that unless you had no other choice (and we would certainly recommend other choices, such as being an interdepartmental major, if they are options for you).

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