Q. Should I be taking two economics core courses at the same time?

A. Perhaps, but perhaps not. The economics core courses are challenging. If you feel up to taking two of them at once, then it’s absolutely fine if you do so. However, if you are nervous about taking two of them at once, then you don’t have to, and perhaps should not. We find that students are usually their own best judge as to whether they ought to double up on core courses or not. The only exception is if you took Economics 101 late – say, winter term of sophomore year or later. In that case you will almost certainly have to double up on core courses, so that you can take some upper division elective courses as a junior to prepare yourself to write a senior thesis. If you do double up on core courses, you should probably take a non-quantitative course as your third course. We don’t recommend taking two core courses together with a science lab or other technical course, unless you feel comfortable doing so.

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