Q. That’s only two or three courses. What else should I take as a first-year student?

A. If you want to take more economics courses as a first-year student, take courses with numbers below 240. Those courses are normally available only to first-year students and sophomores, and they don’t require anything other than Economics 101 as a prerequisite. They’re excellent courses to prepare you to take the core of the major as a sophomore. There’s no need to start the Economics 241, 242, 243 sequence as a first-year student. Some first-years take one of these in spring term, but sophomore year is the normal time to take these courses.  We recommend waiting until sophomore year for most students.
You should certainly take preceptorial and history. It is also a good idea to fulfill some of your Gen Ed requirements – in particular, you may want to take a science lab if you can, and if you intend to fulfill Area IV by taking a language or diversity courses, you can start that now too. If you are considering majors other than economics, then you should also take introductory courses in the relevant department(s), so you can make an informed decision about what you want to major in during your sophomore year.

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