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Welcome to the Union College Engineering Ambassador Network

The Engineering Ambassadors Network is a diverse group of engineering students united under one goal: changing the way people talk about engineering. The goal of Union College Engineering Ambassador Network is to expose and inspire the next generation to new concepts and breakthroughs in science and engineering. We serve as a linchpin; bridging the gap between the classroom and the different fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Partnered with Kenney Community Center to give on campus presentations to the STEP program

We operate by either visiting middle schools and high schools and giving a presentation in the classroom, or hosting the students on the Union College campus to not only teach students about our topic, but also to help students understand the importance of higher education, and inspire students to reach for their goals.

Presentation with a hands-on component to help students develop a better understanding of topics presented

It is true engineers holds great passion for their field of study. But that is not enough. Each engineering ambassador is trained to deliver stimulating teaching styles that engage students to learn more about the subject. We further reinforce the topic taught by incorporating hands-on counterpart to allow students to see how the topic relates to their own lives, and how they can be a part of the future of innovation themselves.

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