Engineering Alumni Awards


These awards are given to celebrate the accomplishments of our engineering and computer science alumni. Normally two awards are given in each program each year, the Gold Award to an alumnus who graduated more than 10 years ago, and a Silver Award to an alumnus who graduated up to 10 year ago. Each individual engineering and computer science department’s faculty choose alumni who are successful in their field, dynamic leaders, and show a commitment to their profession and community.

Union College Engineering Outstanding Alumnus Award (formerly Deans award) is presented to an outstanding engineering graduate who has advanced the College by providing recognition to Union in a national context. These recipients are outstanding examples of Union alumni with eminent careers that provide resources through personal or corporate support and provide service to academic or administrative needs of the college.

2016 Awards
Electrical Engineering Gold Award
Clark A. Hamilton, Class of 1966

2015 Awards

Computer Systems Gold Award
Cregg Brown, Class of 2000

Electrical Engineering Gold Award
Richard Templeton, Class of 1980

Mechanical Engineering Gold Award
Brian Reh, Class of 1995

We congratulate all our distinguished alumni from previous years who have received these awards: Alumni Award Recipients

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