English Department Prize Winners, 2018

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s prizes!

William F. Allen (1895) Essay Prize – To a senior in any department for the best essay.
Gianluca Avanzato

Andrew W. Archibald (1872) Prize – To the senior earning a Bachelor of Arts degree with the highest scholastic standing.
Hope Relly-Cobb

William H. Bloom, M.D. (1945) and Jonathan R. Bloom (1988) Poetry Prize – For the best poem or series of poems by an undergraduate.
Hope Relly-Cobb

David Brind (1982) Memorial Prize in English – To one or more outstanding senior students in English.
Mallory Croak, Angelica Rivera, Hallie Stone, Ethan Watson

Frankel Prize – For outstanding achievement in a religion course.— (Jewish Graphic Novels, SRS)
Emily Bobruff 

Hans Hainebach Memorial Prize in Judaica – To a student who has offered the best performance in the field of Judaica. – (Jewish Graphic Novels, SRS)
Hannah Ellen

Edward Everett Hale, Jr. Prize – For the best essay written by a sophomore or junior.
Hope Noonan-Stoner

Julian B. Hoffman, M.D. Memorial Award – To the student, preferably premedical, for distinguished interest, devotion, and contribution to the arts or intellectual climate at Union College.
William Garner — ID Major, English/French

Anthony C. LaVecchia (1998) Memorial Award – To a student who demonstrates a keen interest and passion in journalism, especially with a focus in political journalism.
Jenna Salisbury

Minerva Prize – To a female student whose work best combines the scholarly study of women or gender with activities that enhance the life of women on campus.
Hallie Stone

Hans Pasch Memorial Prize – Awarded for the best essay written about the Holocaust.–(Jewish Graphic Novels, SRS)
Scott Koszer

President’s Commission on the Status of Women Senior Thesis Prize – To a senior whose senior thesis makes the greatest contribution to scholarship on women.
Hallie Stone

Mrs. Edwin L. Rich Prize – To a student majoring in English who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship.
Aengus Millen

Daniel Shocket (1972) Memorial Award – To a student majoring in English with a strong interest in creative writing.
Jenna Salisbury

Freling H. Smith (1865) Prize – To the History major with the best senior thesis.
Andrew Hubbard – English minor

Horatio G. Warner (1826) Prize – To a student of high personal character who has the highest scholastic standing in the Bachelor of Arts program.
Hope Relly-Cobb

Eugene I. Yudis (1955) Prize – To the student who has produced the best piece of prose fiction.
Hope Relly-Cobb

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