Ephemeris, the Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy


Ephemeris is dedicated to harvesting exceptional undergraduate writing grounded in the distinct value and interest of the philosophical endeavor.

Ephemeris originated in Union College’s Philosophy Club – a forum for social and intellectual interaction among philosophers at Union.

Contributions: Contributions are solicited in all areas of the philosophical discipline, political theory, metaphysics, ethics, epistemology, religion, feminist philosophy, philosophy of race, eastern philosophy, philosophy of mind and so on.

Contributions should take the form of an essay, article, or short note, preferably no more than 5,000 words. Responses to previously published articles are also welcome. We must retain full editorial discretion in altering work for publication.

Ephemeris 2018 is available October 2018.

Table of Contents Ephemeris 2018

Schlegel and Plato on Idealism
Natalie Mathes
The George Washington University

“Desire is the Mark of the Creature”
Noah Nathaniel Neiber
Rockford University

The Tesla Problem: Trolleys, Proximity, and Duty
Charles Harry Smith
The London School of Economics

Immigrant Detention Revisited
Nealay Vasavda
University of Oxford

Non-Identity Problem in Context of Mitigating Historical Injustice
Brian Wong
Pembroke College, University of Oxford