Chinese Methods (instruction in English) and 中文教学法 (instruction in Chinese), graduate-level course for Clarkson University (formerly Union Graduate College), Masters in Teaching Program, Schenectady, NY USA


Union College

(courses cross-list with Asian Studies, American Studies, Gender Studies, Environmental Studies, and/or Data Analytics)

     Literature, Film, and Culture :

  • Asian American Film and Performance (focusing on documentary and independent film and theatre)
  • Chinese Cinemas (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan film histories and issues of national/cultural signification)
  • China in the News, focusing on media literacy and current events in US and China

  • Gender and Sexuality in Modern China
  • Literary Traditions in East Asia (focusing on aesthetic and philosophic continuities between China, Japan and Korea)
  • Perspectives in Modern East Asian Literature and Culture (focusing on national and counter-national narratives, colonial/postcolonial contexts, gender and ethnicity in China, Japan, and Korea)
  • Freshman Preceptorial (a great books course)

    Chinese Language in Context (using a Literacy and task-based language learning curriculum  as a vehicle for teaching multiple literacies: media, financial, diet and nutrition,  independent travel, peer advising, environmental issues, gender and social issues, etc.)

  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced (1st-3rd year language sequence) task-based and project-based learning
  • Climate Change and Me (3rd year project-based language learning on encouraging minority participation in sustainability efforts and actions (counts towards Environmental Studies major, Data Analytics minor)
  • Idioms, Fables, and Tales, (3rd-4th year bridge course) focus on philosophy, health, and contemporary tv drama
  • Media China (4th year)  (counts towards Data Analytics minor)
  • The Changing Face of China (4th year)

4th year student-generated content can be viewed @ Chinese@Union news blog Student-generated news blog from 1st to 4th year Chinese, integrated with realtime news content

Uninter, Cuernavaca, Mexico

  • Chino Básico (authored beginning-level curriculum for Spanish-speaking learners of Chinese) (instruction in Spanish)

Emory University 

  • Chinese Cinemas
  • Chinese Identity Through Literature in Translation
  • Chinese Language: Advanced

Washington University-St. Louis

  • Self and Society: East and West
  • Visions of Culture: Being Chinese
  • Comparative Arts Focus, Teaching assistant
  • East Asian Philosophy, Teaching assistant
  • Chinese Language: Beginning, Drill instructor, University of Missouri-St. Louis