Fall 2016 Courses

Fall 2016 Courses

AVA 120-01 Photography 1 Y   VART 203+ TTH 9:30am-12:20pm Benjamin, M. HUM

AVA 120-02 Photography 1 Y   VART 203+ TTH 1:55pm-4:40pm Benjamin, M. HUM

AVA 160 Digital Art Y   VART 118+ TTH 9:00am-11:55am Orellana, F.   HUM

This introductory course focuses on the fundamentals of using the computer as an art tool in the production of two-dimensional content. Topics covered include essentials of digital imaging, digital printing, and posting information to the Internet. Class lectures and hands-on studio will incorporate technique demonstrations, discussions, technical exploration, aesthetic inquiry and historical information relevant to computer multimedia, hypermedia and telecommunications. Students are encouraged to pursue areas of interest and explore new ideas throughout the course. Outside work required. No previous experience necessary. Course website: http://cs.union.edu/ava160/

AVA 363 3D Computer Modeling  VART 118+ TTH 1:55pm-4:45pm Orellana, F. HUM

This course will introduce students into the world of three-dimensional computer graphics. Through this hands-on-course, students will learn how to use 3D software to realize ideas in sculpture, virtual environments, 3D modeling, installation, and rapid prototyping. Class lectures and hands-on studio time will incorporate technique demonstrations, discussions, technical exploration, aesthetic inquiry and historical information relevant to the course. Software covered: Cinema 4D, Poser, and Adobe After Effects. Outside work required. Prerequisite(s): AVA 160 or AVA 320 or permission of instructor.

ECE 241 Discrete Systems w/Lab   Y   NWSE 102 MWF 10:30am-11:35am Catravas, P. WAC

Discrete signals and systems; classification and properties of systems; difference equations; Z-transform; Fourier series, Fourier transforms, the DFT and FFT; filters and filter design; A/D and D/A converters; applications to audio signal processing. Prerequisite(s): ECE 240 Corequisite(s): ECE 241L Includes a weekly lab.

ECE 370 Engineering Acoustics Y   NWSE 100   TTH 9:00am-10:45am Catravas, P.

Course topics will include principles of acoustics, electromagnetics, circuit theory and signal processing applied to the analysis of musical instruments, experimental characterization techniques, digital instruments, MIDI. The symbiosis between music and the hard sciences will be surveyed. Attendance at some out-of-class events is required. Please contact the instructor in advance for a list of dates.  Card course, with lab.  Prerequisite(s): ECE 241 ECE 343

EGL 255 Asian Amer Lit & Film    KARP 006+ TTH 1:55pm-3:40pm Tuon, B. HUL/LCC/HUM/WAC

Offered three years out of four. A study of Asian American literature in its historical context beginning with the first wave of Asian immigration in the nineteenth century, moving to the anti-Asian Exclusion Acts, Japanese internment during the Second World War, the 1960s Civil Rights Movements and the emergence of Asian American Studies, Southeast Asian refugee experience, and concluding with contemporary Asian America.

EGL 258 Changing Ireland   KARP 002+ MWF 1:50pm-2:55pm Bracken, C. HUL/LCC/HUM/WAC

This course will be looking at the changing nature of Irish society since the economic boom of Celtic Tiger Ireland in the 1990’s. EU membership, US investment and the effects of global internationalism have brought about radical culture transformations in the country which in turn are altering conventional meanings of Irishness and Irish identity. We will be looking at representations of this changing Ireland in literature and film, paying attention to issues such as new technologies, post-feminism, sexualities, race and ethnicity. Texts will include Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges, Anne Enright’s novel The Wig My Father Wore, and the poetry of Leanne O’Sullivan.

FLM 201 Documentary Film Making  KARP 103+ TTH 10:55am-12:40pm de Sève, J.

This class introduces students to the basics of documentary filmmaking. While covering enough technical know-how to successfully complete class projects, the class will keep its focus on documentary form and storytelling techniques. Students will practice storyboarding, writing synopses and treatments, and deconstructing well-respected documentaries to analyze how they were made. The primary course activity is the production of a short documentary (around 20 minutes) which can be done individually or in groups of two. Besides his or her own work, the student will be expected to participate in screening nights in which students will share each other’s work for peer evaluation and discussion. There is also the option of organizing screenings open to the entire student body.

FLM 202 Digital Filmmaking  KARP 103+ TTH 1:55pm-3:40pm de Sève, J.

This intensive hands-on class guides students from concept to finished film. Students practice the essentials of filmmaking technique, including storytelling, camera work, lighting, sound and editing. Students must be up for a challenging schedule and will make a film each week as they explore the nuts and bolts of moviemaking.

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