Spring 2017 Courses

Spring 2017 Courses

AVA 262:  Real & Recorded Time — MW 9:30am -12:30pm (Orellana)

This course will serve as an introduction to the basic concepts of four-dimensional art or time-based artwork, using a variety of processes and media. Students explore concepts in animation techniques, video and audio production, editing, interactivity, installation, and documentation. Class lectures and hands-on studio time will incorporate technique demonstrations, screenings, readings, discussions, technical exploration, aesthetic inquiry and historical information relevant to the course. Outside work is required. Prerequisite(s): Any Studio Art course or permission of instructor. CC: HUM  Note: Course website: http://cs.union.edu/ava262/

AVA 320: Photography 3 — TTh 9:30am-12:30 pm (Benjamin)

This class is a “Portfolio Project” where each student conceptualizes a project to work on for the whole term resulting in a finished photography portfolio of at least 20 prints and 40 artist’s proofs. Students will also do research projects about a group of photographers whose work might inform their own. Prerequisite(s): Photography II or permission of instructor; limited enrollment. Digital camera required.  CC: HUM

CLS 151: Ancient World in Film & Literature — MW 3:05-4:45 pm (Raucci)

Greco-Roman antiquity has been a favorite topic of Hollywood for years. This fascination continues today, with the recent appearance of major blockbusters as well as TV productions. Why do the Greeks and Romans appeal to a modern audience? This course will consider ancient texts in translation alongside their modern film representations. Our goal will not be to consider where the films went “wrong.” Instead, we will question how these films recast and reinterpret classical texts to reflect modern interests. This course will include an “entrepreneurship module.” We will question what is entrepreneurship and if Hollywood’s commodification of the ancient world is entrepreneurial. CC: LCC, HUL

HST 287: Film and Modern India — MWF 11:45am-12:50pm (Mazumder)

This course uses a medium of visual representation-cinema-to explore the portrayal of India. It historically traces the development of the cinematic industry in India and highlights the changing images of the region since the 1950s. Each decade evokes a list of stereotypes, of ideas, and of historical realities. We will examine the extent to which films in each decade captured the reality of the period. In particular, we will trace the maturation of the idea of a nation through films and we will explore the positioning of gender in these decades. In general, this course will adopt critical approaches for looking at aesthetics and the representation of South Asia through cinema.  WAC CC: LCC

MLT 258: Creaturely Japan: Animal, Automaton and Undead Lives Literature, Film and Media — TTh 1:55-3:40pm (Johnson)

Tales and images of animals, ghosts, and monsters can be found throughout traditional folklore, modern literature, and contemporary media in Japan. These creatures lurk at the margins of human civilization and popular imagination, providing allegory and radical alterity for human experience. In this course we will take up the significance of the many creatures of Japan (animal, automaton, and undead) in relation to questions of the uncanny, the dignity of non-human lives, and the fantastic.  Separate screenings will be held on Wednesdays evenings some weeks.

PSC 434: Topic — Feminist Film — W 3:05-4:40pm (Marso)

Using 10 films as our “texts” we will examine the role of women in society, the diversity of women’s lives, the impact of gender roles in various cultural contexts, the possibility of alternative sexualities and ways of living, and whether we can say what constitutes a “feminist film.” The course is focused on discussion of, and writing about, the films but includes analysis of feminist political theory and feminist film theory to provide tools for better interpretation.

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