Technology’s Affects on Society

Madison Caron

Sherry Turkle posed many interesting points in her Ted Talk regarding our society’s reliance on technology to feel accepted. She starts her talk by explaining how much everyone’s attitudes have changed over the last fifteen years because of the advances in technology. She states that her daughter had a conversation with her before her first Ted Talk, and now she was sending her a good luck text message. Turkle expresses that she loved receiving the text message from her daughter, but this text message is symbolic of our society seldomley interacting in an intimate manner.

She points out that as humans we love experiencing company, but with all the advances in technology we are “alone but together”. We spend time with each other but we spend so much time enraptured with technology that we are alone. As time has passed we have realized that human relationships are messy, so in an attempt to avoid that we clean up these relationships with technology. Turkle tells us that in her research she has concluded that when we feel alone we find our connection to society through technology. It has become apparent that young children need to grow up with a sense of comfort and compassion, but unfortunately technology cannot provide that. Cyberspace is now becoming more and more involved in family dinners, and this takes away from the from actual face to face conversations regarding events that happened throughout the day. Many people nowadays don’t feel like themselves if they are not “connected”, and this further proves that technology has become a very large part of our lives. Humans are social beings and thrive on connections between one another, but we have become so consumed with technology that we are becoming less dependent on each other.

Turkle’s points throughout her talk further confirmed in my mind that we are too reliant on technology. The future should be feared for face-to-face interactions are become more and more limited. We are creating technology based for the sake of a sense of control. We want to be able to know what we want; nothing boring or extra that is a waste of time. We are afraid of intimacy but never want to feel alone and our phones, laptops, and other forms of technology fill in for that.

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