Privatization in Snow Crash

Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash displays multiple themes. Privatization is one of the prevailing themes in the novel. Whether it be law enforcement or highways, all have become corporate businesses. Although government still exists, the franchising of any and every business or territory has overcome the U.S. authority, and mob bosses such as Uncle Enzo dominate particular areas without any difficulty. A relevant example of this is shown on page 114 where it reads, “…and we are looking out across the deck of the aircraft carrier Enterprise, formerly of the U.S. Navy, now the personal yacht of L. Bob Rife, who beat out both the General Jim’s Defense System and Admiral Bob’s Global Security in a furious bidding war.” This displays the array of privatized businesses with enforcement agencies such as “General Jim’s Defense System” and “Admiral Bob’s Global Security. “ The idea that a U.S. Navy war ship was bid on by several corporations and turned into a yacht is essential to understanding the type of privatized society that Snow Crash demonstrates. Stephenson may be doing more than exhibiting a theme. In fact, he may be foreshadowing the future of the United States as we know it. As it has been seen, rent-a-cops have been gaining more capability in their governing areas, and big-business and politics have debatably intertwined.

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