Snow Crash Themes

One of the prevalent themes in Snow Crash is the extreme commercialization of society. Throughout the novel there are examples of corporations that should not be corporations at all.  This includes the police force, the government, and extends as far as religion. For example, at Reverend Wayne’s Pearly Gates, one must swipe their credit card to get through the door. Religion has become less about sharing a common faith and more about instant gratification. Faith becomes something people need to be able to afford to be apart of, and can cancel their subscription when they no longer want to be apart of it. In the book, Stephenson writes, “Then she performs the sacrament, swiping the card through its electromagnetic slot…”(pg 195). This religious institution is now selling religion and the confirmation of the sale is the new sacrament and the way people are “saved” by religion. Religion is a commercialized business; people pay money to feel like they are part of a community and to feel “saved” by religion.

-Samantha Gray

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