Snow Crash Themes

Snow Crash is an interesting novel in its approach to covering numerous themes.  One such them is corruption.  While the federal government is virtually non-existent, numerous private corporations have taken over control to form city states.  The world presented in Snow Crash is essentially an extreme version of capitalism.  Now, because the government cannot regulate these private industries, the amount of corruption is obscene.  For instance, the private police force known as the Enforcers stated that they weren’t interested in bringing perpetrators to justice, they were merely being paid to keep order.  This is seen when Hiro is chasing after Raven.  The Enforcer was actually chasing down the Crip that was in pursuit of Raven because despite Raven being a criminal, the Enforcer’s apparently have a strict no-involvement policy when it comes to interacting with Raven, the stories antagonist.  This recurring theme is seen again when Y.T. makes a delivery to a church’s minister.  This minister that is supposedly an ethical leader was delivered a package containing drugs that were essentially cocaine.  This is an example of a leader taking advantage of the power that they have.

-John Lynch

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  1. John, I could not agree more with the obscene amount of corruption seen in Snow Crash. I like your use of the term “city states” because the United States has been truly auctioned off and sub-divided. I relate your example of a “leader taking advantage of the power they have” to the Trayvon Martin case, where a rent-a-cop thought he had enough authority to shoot and kill a young boy. Although he did not have the power to do so as they do in Snow Crash, he must of believed he had the permission because he was carrying a loaded gun. As I wrote in my post, I believe Stephenson is in fact foreshadowing the future of the United States as we know it.

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