Themes of Snow Crash

Privacy is an important theme in Snow Crash.  L. Bob Rife is one of the last monopolists.  He is trying to make a worldwide television network so that everyone is always connected.  All of his employees are constantly under surveillance. Their homes are bugged and Rife can see any of their actions. He fired one of his employees for having a sexual relationship with her husband. Rife is connected with them 24 hours a day. There is no privacy, just like the Internet. Nothing that is on the Internet is private once it is posted it is online for people and the public to see. Rife judges these people the same way bosses judge their own employees when they look them up on Facebook. Hiro now works for the CIC. “The laser kept jabbing Hiro in the eye…A long-range retinal scanner… The results are shot back to the CIC…within a few seconds if you’re in the database already, the owner finds out who you are.”(125) There is no privacy for this corporation. They know who you are and what you have done all through a retina scan. If you are in the database the boss knows exactly who you are and if you weren’t originally in the database, you are now. This theme that a boss is able to control your life seems to continue throughout the book. It started with the mafia controlling Hiro while he was the deliverator and is now continuing while he works for the CIC.


Paige Smith

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