Essay #4

Nate Parker

1. I decided on option number four for this assignment. This immediately sparked my interest because I could not figure out what I would answer had I been asked the question. This led me to research both sides of the argument. After rereading “Community in the Abstract” and several online articles, I finally determined I agree with Michele Willson. The problem I have with cyberspace lies in its validity. Just last week I ordered a pair of Air Jordan shoes on the Internet and come to find out they are fake Air Jordan’s made in China. On top of that, my grandmother is continually receiving phone calls that she needs to write a $10,000 check to Nigeria. As face-to-face interactions have disappeared so have the morals of the human race.

2. This essay will prove that Wilson is accurate in her assessment of cyberspace tearing apart the idea of community.

3. The paper will include concepts from the following sources: Community in the Abstract, Snow Crash and various online websites. The hypothesis will be supported by concepts including

-Individuals can alter/disguise their identity

-Face-to-face interaction is diminishing

-Growing gap between elderly and younger generations

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