Essay Two

1. To me the most interesting topic was prompt number 7, involving race and ethnicity in the contemporary technological world. I find this to be the most intriguing essay option because I think it is very relevant and overlooked issue in today’s society. It seems that in reality racism has taken such great steps forward, but in cyberspace the opposite has happen; people have reverted back to racist thinking. Snow Crash is a great example of how racism carries over to the cyber world. In and out of the Metaverse there are so many cases that demonstrate inequalities towards different ethnic groups; it is a very prevalent theme throughout the whole novel.


2.  Snow Crash depicts racism in not only real life but also in the Metaverse in order to accurately depict how the effect of technology has lead to the reemergence of inequality towards different ethnicities.


3. I will use different instances of racism from the novel; they will come from scenes in the real world, and scenes in the Metaverse.  For example by comparing the Metacops and The Black Sun.

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