How does the water change his life?

Are you interested in the story of Robinson Crouse? There is a modern version of living on an isolated island. The movie Cast Away (2000) is directed by Robert Zemeckis. It tells the story about Chuck Noland who experienced a storm that makes the plan he taken crushed into the sea on Christmas, was trapped alone on an island for 4 years and finally being rescued. However, there is a huge difference in his life. So, how does the water change his life?


At very first, the water makes him isolated from the outside world by bringing him to an island that is ignored when searching for survivors. Also, the water brings the dead body of the pilot and his shoes, and waves hit his leg on the coral and make it bleed. Sadly, he is surrounded by water, but he still has to use all kind of skills to get water that is drinkable. The water makes him, who was always living in a modern technological society to live along and with barely any help of the tools from civilization. However, the sea is also bringing the packages that help to keep him living. The skating shoes are used as knives, and even help to knock off his bad tooth. The ball is colored by blood to be his friend Wilson that he can talk to. It even brings part of the plane to him that helps him a lot when building a raft to escape from the island. The water makes him living an uncivilized life with tools that remind him of his past, and gives him strike but also hope, and the chance to go back to his old life. When he is sailing on the sea, the water brings Wilson away, which to me is a hint that the water will take him back to the human society that his real friends will chat with him, instead of this ball. Also, when he is comatose, the water wakes him up, and remind him to let him get help. The water takes him away, and helps him back to the world, by stealing his time away, and makes him thinks about his life. He used to see work as a priority, but he has learned that the people you love, and the health is the most important things, and sometimes time can change all the things including love, but some love like the friendship, and the passion of doing things that a person always like may never change.

3 thoughts on “How does the water change his life?

  1. Ada, this is a very complex discussion of water. There are a lot of factors that the ocean partake in. At the start of your post I thought you were going to draw a comparison between Robinson Cruse and Castaway. I think I would start with a different opening in order to not confused the reader. Taking a look at the effects of water is very engaging, but there are many topics that you present. I think it would be more interesting to look closely at a few points thats you present and dig a little deeper. For example, the volleyball. Chuck takes the packages that drift to his island and in one of them is the volleyball. He uses this volleyball as his friend and someone to talk to in order for him to not go completely insane. The ocean brought this volleyball to him, and also took it away as you mentioned. It was a graphic scene when chuck tries to swim after Wilson in the ocean. The waves moved Wilson away faster than Chuck could swim. I agree with what you interpreted this moment to mean. Wilson washing away meant the Chuck was being brought back to human society and no longer needed to pretend a volleyball was human. Soon Chuck would be with his real family. Water had the power to take him away, and bring him back to reality.

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