Realize and React

In the article, “Where the Water Goes,” David Owen presents the idea that people throughout our society are not educated on where our source of water in the United States comes from. David Owen continues his article by also demonstrating why this point is relevant. As I did my research on Bangladesh and continued to read this article, I became aware that people, as well as myself, don’t recognize how privileged we are to have such an abundant source of water. Is there a possibility because of the abundance of water, people don’t care where it comes from?


I believe that our use of water sources has become such a usual activity in our lives that most people don’t even think about whether the water coming from the shower tip or the sink will ever stop. We have become so entitled to having so much water that having a limit to our quantity of this resource would feel weird. The fact that people with the most water do not know where their source of water is coming from versus the people living in Bangladesh do is concerning. People living in poverty-stricken areas must hunt for water as we sit in our houses living lavishly without a care in the world about this vital resource. When David Owen says, “All I knew was that every time I attached a hose to a spigot and turned it on, I could run it full force until it was time to go home” proves that even young adults at the age of twenty-one do not have the care to know where our plentiful source in the United States comes from. The fact that we have the privilege to sit back during the summer and use as much water from the “hose” as possible conveys that we probably do not need this superfluous abundance of water in our lives. Do people really need to leave the sink running while brushing their teeth or take forty-five-minute showers? I believe that if people took 15 minutes out of their day to read about the status about where their supply of water is coming from, people living lavishly during summer would cut back and save this resource for the better. People who do not know where their water is coming from must realize that people around the world suffer from the lack of water. Ultimately, I believe we must get rid of this idea of not caring for water just because it is so common in our lives.


The famous quote, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” proves that we should not feel as if one man’s trash is everyone’s trash, rather believe and take into consideration that many live in much tougher and harsher conditions than others and that we must remember how privileged we are to have this necessity as a common resource.

6 thoughts on “Realize and React

  1. Aram, I completely agree with all the points you make in this blog post. Water is a basic necessity to human life, and here in America we often take for granted our ease of access to this source, because of our major abundance. We have water to wash our hands, take showers and water our grass; while many countries don’t have water to drink. We even have water for entertainment purposes like water parks. What would a country, who lacks water, think of us using water to go down a slide, when they don’t even have water to drink? As I sit here and write this comment, there is a bottle of water sitting right in front of me. I have the ability to fill it up whenever I run out. However, so many men, women, and children don’t have that same simplicity as I do. People living in poverty-stricken areas have to travel miles every day, and as you said “hunt”, just to get their water every day. While all I have to do is walk to the nearest fountain our sink. As you said, many people, including yourself, don’t recognize how privileged they are to have such an abundant source of water. I appreciate you mentioning yourself because it shows that you recognize the issue at hand and are speaking from the heart. I too am I also unappreciative of the water I use every day, that needs to change. The way our country views water need to change. As you mentioned in your post, David Owen says, “All I knew was that every time I attached a hose to a spigot and turned it on, I could run it full force until it was time to go home”. That is the view everyone has. No one ever thinks, “where is this coming from?”. This is the problem.

    The statement of yours that I really liked was, “Ultimately, I believe we must get rid of this idea of not caring for water just because it is so common in our lives”. Water is everywhere around us. However, how would we react if we didn’t have water? Our views would change. The saying, “you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone”, heavily implies here. We won’t be appreciative of water until we don’t have it. I also liked that you used the quote,“ One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Our “trash” is a treasure to others. We should take into consideration the extreme value of water. Overall great post!

  2. I agree with you that people may never have to think about the souse of water and just use as much as they want as they never realize that the water is limited while the people in poor region is suffering and try to “hunt” for water, just water but not clean water as water is such a precious thing there. This makes me really think about the situation. I come from Shanghai, a place just like New York City, people never worried about water and think about water, the only time we care out water is when the staff cleaning the water tank of the building, that we cannot use water for a short period. While in somewhere else in China, poor villagers do not even have of money to buy a pump, and they may need to walk for few hours in the mountain just to get the water they need to be alive. Thus, our government makes charity advertisement and post videos on social media, and even invite the most popular stars to talk about the story to get peoples attention and educate people of not wasting water.

    I also agree that we need to change the attitude of people towards the water, as this is the only real way to get rid of water wasting. Also, we do have different price of water that if the amount of water used is larger than a certain amount, the amount of water you used that exceeds the standard amount will be a lot expensive, in order to make you realize and think about how you have used water, and did you recycle them. This kind of strategies can help people know their water using the situation better and become more efficient with the education of not wasting water from government advertisement.

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