The Calm before the Crisis

Water is one of the most important resources for human beings. Even though water makes up about 70% of the world, not all of it is safe for consumption. In fact, many people are deprived of any water source while others take the luxury of it. In the United States, it takes huge loads of water to supply over 300 million people and the usage can be extreme. In the article, Where the Water Goes, David Owen explores the origin of America’s water source of its people and how it may not last from over usage and extreme climate change. My question or discussion would be how can we make people aware of this issue before it’s too late?

For many people, they may not be aware of how extreme usage of water can be harmful in the long run. Water is being used without worry of not having it the next day. From the article, it states, “The amount of water we thought we had in that river system doesn’t exist” ( Page 2). This quote tells me that our sources for safe water is depleting and even I didn’t know it until I read this article. For this, we need to take measures, literally, to ensure that our water source can hold up for the future generation. From Aram’s blog post, I learned a possible strategy is to turn off the running water when it is not needed. This should be encouraged in most public places such as public restrooms, official buildings, schools etc.

12 thoughts on “The Calm before the Crisis

  1. I think David Owen really does an excellent job on touching on the idea that we rarely think about the water we use on a daily basis. We don’t really stop to consider the amount of water we waste daily or even where our water comes from. We also constantly fail to acknowledge how not everyone has the same easy access to water that we do. I agree that a change is necessary and now. However, if I’m being honest I had not really thought about the water crisis much at all before all of our discussion of it during class. This leads to believe that there must be other people who are unaware of what a huge problem the world is facing.

    I also really liked the quote that you chose to include in your post. I remember reading it at the time and it really sticking with me. However, I had a somewhat different interpretation of it. I think the narrator is saying that nobody really gave any initial thought to the possibility of the water in the river depleting. I also think it makes reference once again to the idea that we have waited to be concerned with the conservation of water when there is already a limited amount of water to be conserved.

    In terms of what measures we can take in order to preserve water, there are so many possible options. On an individual level, I think avoiding letting water run without use is a simple change we can make. I think that just by starting to be more aware of the water crisis that the world is facing is the first step in making individual change. Furthermore, I think that for a larger scale change, that spreading the word about the water crisis and advocating for change would be the first step in getting more people interest and more support in general.

  2. Wu, I agree with your point that the United States needs to raise public awareness of the extreme usage of water. I liked the quote that used from the article Where the Water Goes because it provided further evidence on the problem you were going to talk about in your post. I agree with your strategy in turning off the running water when it is not needed. However, I will pose the question of what happens if the citizens don’t listen and disregard the idea of conserving water because they are unaware of the amount of extreme water usage. Furthermore, you mention that turning off water should be encouraged in public place but you did not state how to execute this plan. Therefore, I would like to suggest a different strategy to approach the problem of extreme water usage. I believe that the government should pass strict laws that enforce the limitation of water and provide consequences to the people that choose to overuse the amount of water. This strategy is effective because this will prevent the possibility of people choosing to disregard the fact that they are using too much water. In the article Where the Water Goes David Owen states “Las Vegas has some of the most stringent water-conservation regulations in the country.” The reason I used this quote is to show that Las Vegas currently has water-conservation regulation that helps the state keep in check that people are not using water to an extreme. Las Vegas has more people that conserve water than in other states because of these strict regulations passed by the government. Essentially, strict regulation raises fear to the public in order for them to conserve their water. Although it might seem evil laws provide order because they make sure that people do not believe they can just get away with using too much water. I agree with you when you mentioned the alarming fact that society has not become fully aware that there is not the same amount of water as there was in the past. I believe that just advocating the conservation of water will not produce the result we desire because many citizens will ignore this crisis. Regulations that enforce water-conservation is a better solution because it at least tackles the possibility of rebellious citizens with consequences of breaking a law.

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