Julie Sophis Summer Research

sophis-geo-pictureMy senior thesis will focus on the provenance and thermal history of clastic rocks in the mélange unit of the Yakutat Group in Alaska through detrital zircon of clastic sediments. I spent the beginning portion of the summer in Yakutat Bay of southerneastern Alaska with three students headed by professors John Garver of Union, Cameron Davidson of Carleton College, and Eva Enkelmann of University of Cincinnati.  The fieldwork experience  was incredible and led to my desire to attend graduate school to continue studying geology.  Our field camp in the Alaskan bush lasted ten days and every day was a new adventure. The scenery was unprecedented and exceptionally beautiful.  Additionally, when not in the bush, Taco King was surprisingly good. Samples collected from the field will allow me to understand the geochemistry of rock units and determine the relationship to surrounding blocks in Alaska and perhaps farther south.

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