Mason Stahl

Mason Stahl conducting fieldwork in Bangladesh where we are studying groundwater arsenic contamination.

I’ve just arrived at Union this fall as the James M. Kenney Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering. I’m so excited to be part of the Geology department and the Environmental Science, Policy, and Engineering program (ESPE). The past several months have been full of excitement and change, between moving to Schenectady to start my first faculty position and welcoming our beautiful baby daughter Norah to the world!
Before coming here to Union I worked for two years in an environmental science and engineering firm in Cambridge, MA and prior to that I was in grad school at MIT where I was studying and researching hydrogeology. My research focuses on how both natural and human induced changes to the environment influence groundwater and surface water geochemistry and how this ultimately influences water quality. A major focus of my research is trying to better understand the factors responsible for the widespread contamination of groundwater with naturally occurring arsenic throughout South and Southeast Asia. I’m looking forward to bringing students into my lab as I continue my fieldwork and research in Bangladesh and Vietnam and as I expand my research to include field areas in and around New York.
This term I am teaching Groundwater Hydrology and it has been a fun and rewarding experience teaching and working with students in both the classroom and lab. I’m also enjoying working with a thesis student on a project looking at hydrologic and geologic factors that may help to explain observed variability in arsenic concentrations between aquifers throughout S-SE Asia. I’m looking forward to teaching Introduction to Environmental Science in the spring and also to developing future courses on hydrology and water resources.
I’ve been really enjoying my time at Union and am happy to be in an environment with great students and colleagues. I’m excited about my future here at Union and wish everyone a happy year!
All the best,

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