Fluid Mechanics 1

Course description: Analysis of fluid systems according to the control volume formulations of Newton’s second law and the conservation laws of mass and energy. Both differential and integral analysis approaches are taught. Includes study of hydrostatics, dimensional analysis, boundary layers, Bernoulli’s equation, head loss and piping systems, and lift and drag forces. Includes a laboratory component.


Heat Transfer Analysis and Design

Course description: Study of the different modes of heat transfer through the development and application of rate equations for quantifying conduction, convection, and thermal radiation heat transfer.  Theory and applications are reinforced and complemented by the laboratory component of the course.


Thermodynamics 1

Course description: A basic engineering science course dealing with relations between heat and other forms of energy. Topics include: basic thermodynamic principles, properties of simple substances, energy and the first law of thermodynamics, entropy and the second law of thermodynamics, ideal cycle analysis. Elementary environmental, economic, and sustainability considerations related to thermodynamic processes.


Department of Mechanical Engineering at Union College
Mechanical Engineering Catalog


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