Class of 2014-2016

Requirements for the Major Twelve courses including a five-course core; at least one course on the period before 1700; at least one course each in US and European history; at least one course from the following areas: Africa/Middle East, Asia, Latin America; two-300 level courses, a seminar, and a two-term senior project. Students will choose a five-course core in Africa/Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America, or US, or in a thematic...

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Class of 2017 and Beyond

History 2013-14 Chair: Professor M. Walker Faculty: Professors S. Berk, A. Feffer, T. Meade, S. Sargent; Associate Professors K. Aslakson, J. Cramsie, A. Foroughi, J. Madancy, A. Morris, B. Peterson; ; Senior Lecturer M. Lawson; Lecturer D. Brennan Staff:  J. Earley (Administrative Assistant)   Requirements for the Major: Twelve courses including the core and distribution requirement; at least one course on the period before 1700; two-300...

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