HST-181: East Asian Tradition
HST-182: Modern East Asia
HST-183: Introduction to South Asian Civilizations
HST-184: Making Modern India 1800-1947
HST-281. Modern Japanese History
HST-283. The Mao Years
HST-284: Women in China and Japan: Power and Limitations
HST-285: The Samurai: Lives, Loves, and Legacies
HST-286: Women in South Asia
HST-380: Special Topics in East Asian History
HST-381: Asian Encounters with the West: Commerce, Conquest, and Conversion
HST-383: The Last Dynasty: The Glory and Fall of the Qing Empire, 1644-1911
HST-384: Historical Foundations of South Asian Religions
HST-481: Seminar in East Asian History: World War II in Asia