HST-141: Medieval Europe
HST-142: Renaissance and Reformation Europe
HST-143: Entrepreneurship in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
HST-145: Early Modern Europe
HST-147: Revolutionary History
HST-148: Europe Between Two Wars
HST-149: The Second World War Era
HST-152: The Great War
HST-154: Russia in the Imperial Age
HST-155: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
HST-156: History of Poland
HST-157: Modern Jewish History
HST-158: The Holocaust
HST-161: The Making of Ireland
HST-162: Modern Scotland
HST-163: Hanes Cymru: Wales and the Welsh
HST-240: The Crusades: Christianity and Islam in Conflict
HST-241: Mystics, Magic, and Witchcraft in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
HST-242: The Scientific Revolution, 1400-1700
HST-245: Occult Sciences and Societies
HST-256 (353) Modern European Ideas
HST-260: Medieval Britain 1000-1509
HST-266. The Age of Henry VIII
HST-267: The Tudor and Stewart Queens
HST-268: British Revolutions 1603-1660
HST-269: The British Imperial Isles 1660-1800
HST-340: Special Topics in European History: Renaissance Florence
HST-361: The British Empire
HST-362: “Black Britain:” Race and Ethnicity in British History
HST-363: Women in British History
HST-364: British Cinema: From Music Halls to Multiplexes.
HST-431: Seminar in European History: The Discovery of Britain 1500-1800